Book Promo Feature – Dare to Kiss by S.B. Alexander

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DareToKiss-2500x1563-Amazon-Smashwords-Kobo-AppleBesides her family, Lacey Robinson’s only other love is baseball. She’s on top of the world when Arizona State University approaches her to discuss a scholarship. To play for a college boys’ team is beyond what she has ever dreamed. Her fastball is impeccable, her slider equally as good, and her curveball annihilates anyone who dares to step in the batter’s box. But fate has its own way of throwing curveballs. When she loses her mother and sister to a home invasion, baseball and her dreams die with them. Tragedy has a way of seeping deep into her psyche, causing nightmares, panic attacks and blackouts. Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, her psychiatrist recommends a change of scenery and picking up the things that she loved to do, and for Lacey that is baseball.

After a move clear across the country, only two things matter to Lacey—overcome her PTSD and make Kensington High’s baseball team. But trying out for the team comes with complications—the captain, Aaron Seever, doesn’t want a girl on the team.

Adding to her new life, she never counted on meeting someone who wants her as badly as Kade Maxwell. The tall, sexy and drool-worthy bad boy has a magical touch that awakens her feminine side, and a kiss that slowly erases her nightmares. But getting involved with him may be dangerous when Kade’s arch-nemesis returns to town to settle a vendetta.

To complicate matters, her PTSD has taken a turn for the worse. She has to find a way to push away the demons otherwise she may not have a chance at anything in life.

Strong language. Sexual content. Intended for audiences 17 years and older.

Dare to Kiss can be purchased from:

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Susan-Alexander-PhotoS. B. Alexander’s passion for writing began when she read her first Stephen King novel, The Shining. Over the years she kept telling family and friends she was going to write a book. Fifteen years later, on the advice of a friend, she sat down and wrote her first novel. One year later, she published two novels with three more slotted for release. Her books are targeted toward the young adult and new adult markets.

Her young adult series, Vampire SEALS, includes two books, On the Edge of Humanity, and On the Edge of Eternity, which have garnered high praise from readers. Dare to Kiss is the first book in her new adult series.

Alexander’s career has been colorful—a former navy veteran, high school math teacher and college professor, sales consultant, coach, and manager. She loves baseball, especially the Boston Red Sox. She enjoys playing golf, is moved by music and great stories, and will go out of her way to help people.

She currently works full time in Corporate America and writes any chance she gets.

She believes words are the key to opening the door to extraordinary places with amazing characters that tell a great story.

S.B. can be found:

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He grinned with his infamous Maxwell smirk as he cupped my face.

I had barely caught my breath when his mouth was on me. I opened to him as his tongue dipped inside, twining with mine. He tasted like forever. I wiggled against his hardness, and he moaned. Abandoning my mouth, he trailed his lips along my jaw, my ear, and my neck. He licked over my racing pulse while the heat from his hands was scorching my back. His torment was too much, yet not enough. My clothes grew constrictive. I wanted to feel his bare skin against mine.

As if he sensed my need, he lifted my sweater over my head, throwing it to the floor. His eyes were seas of shimmering copper. The backs of his fingers ghosted up and over my abs to land on the clasp of my bra. For perhaps one second he hesitated before unsnapping it. When he did, I sucked in a breath, my nipples hardening. He removed one strap then the other before it fell behind me.

“Beautiful,” he breathed, as he traced the outline of my breasts, teasing, but never touching the sensitive peaks that ached for his magical fingers or even his mouth.

I pressed my hips into him, feeling his arousal. Desire swirled down my belly in a slow, sinuous slide.

He groaned, deep and sensual. “Baby, tell me what you want.”

My body tingled. My brain went blank. “You.” All I wanted to do right now was feel him and everything he had to offer.

His eyes widened with a savage intensity that frightened me, yet calmed me. He pressed a kiss to my breast, gliding his warm mouth over my nipple before sucking on it. I arched into him, rubbing against him. He moaned, giving my other breast the same attention.

I fisted my hands in his sweater, tugging it up. He eased back, raising his arms. I lifted his sweater and T-shirt over his head before tossing it aside. My gaze wandered over him, drinking in every muscled inch of him from the line of light brown hair that disappeared into his jeans, to the six-pack abs that sculpted his midsection, to the tattoos on his chest.

Pushing his fingers through my hair, he brushed his lips over mine. “Are you sure, Lace?” His voice was barely audible.

Book Promo Feature – Untangle My Heart By Melissa A. Smith

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Melissa A. Smith to the blog. She’s here to share about her book, Untangle My Heart. If this book sounds like something that you would be interested in reading, please find a buy link below and pick up a copy or two.

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Untangle-600x900Four people, minus two relationships, equals one perfect pair.

When a chance mix up tosses everything into the air, everyone is caught off guard. The only thing you can do then is stand back and wait for things to settle so you can untangle the mess.

Untangle My Heart is available from:

Amazon   |   B&N   |   Kobo   |   iTunes

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About the Author:

I live in the midwest with my husband and two teenaged sons. When I’m not writing, I’m reading. And when I’m not doing either of those things, I’m laughing with my family!

I hope that all who have read any and all of my stories, enjoy the adventures and come back for more!

Melissa can be found:

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Book Promo Feature – All the Right Things by Audrey Harte

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Audrey Harte to the blog. She’s here to share about her book, All The Right Things. If this book sounds like something that you would be interested in reading, please find a buy link below and pick up a copy or two!

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ATRT-Cover-Art_FinalIn “Love in All the Wrong Places”, Annie tried her hand at online dating, but it brought her nothing but a broken heart. This girl can’t seem to catch a break in the dating world! While wondering what went wrong once again, she met an attractive, funny and sincere hip hop dancer in the parking lot at work. But just as Casey expressed interest in taking her out, he had to leave town to tour the country with an up and coming pop star. Annie was willing to wait for him to return, but then she received an apologetic text from Nate, the last guy she met on Craigslist.

Join Annie on her adventures in “All the Right Things” as she makes some of the biggest decisions of her life. While she thoroughly enjoyed the time she spent with Nate and is still attracted to him, he screwed her and then ditched her at the bar without a word. Will Annie accept Nate’s explanation and heartfelt apology and give him a second chance, or will she kick him to the curb? Or will Casey’s charm and determination to show her how a real man should treat a lady win her over? Or will both of these guys be left in the dust when someone from her past reappears?

All the Right Things can be purchased from:

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audreyA self-published author of romantic and erotic fiction, Audrey Harte was born and raised in Hawaii but spent her junior high and high school years in Scottsbluff, Nebraska before moving to Los Angeles, California on her own at the age of 17. She loves living in the City of Angels, which she has proudly called home for the past 16 years.

Her first book, Love in All the Wrong Places, was released on April 10th, 2013, and the second book in the same series, All the Right Things, was released on February 13th, 2014. The third and final book in the Love in L.A. series, The Winner Takes It All, was released on October 13th, 2014. She is currently working on the first book of the new Love in N.Y.C. series, Say Anything, which is scheduled to release on January 27th, 2015. Check Goodreads to see the hot new cover for Say Anything, featuring actor/model/former Harlem Globetrotter and Washington Generals player, Tyler White, and fitness model, Catherine Gontran. You can follow all three of them on Instagram (@audreyharteauthor, @tylerdashwhite & @_coryvegas).

Audrey can be found:

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Something was tickling her ear, dragging her from a deep sleep. Annie groaned as she struggled to wake up. Did she leave the fan on again last night? Reluctantly, she cracked one eye open. She was staring at a ceiling fan, but it wasn’t moving. And it wasn’t her ceiling fan. Her ceiling fan was white; this one was wood-colored.
Suddenly, her other eye shot open as she remembered where she was. Looking beside her, Annie spotted the ear tickling offender. Casey laid there next to her, grinning smugly.
“Morning,” he said, his cool, minty breath giving away the fact that he’d been up at least long enough to have time to brush his teeth.
Oh God.
Annie was sure she had morning breath. Covering her mouth with one hand, she smiled at him through her fingers. “Morning. Could you give me just a sec?”
He nodded, and she scrambled out of bed, shooting straight into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She took an extra minute to floss and gargle with mouthwash before she wiped her mouth and returned to the bed. As she laid down next to him again, she propped her head up with one hand, resting on her elbow as she faced him.
“Better?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow at her.
“Much,” she agreed, smiling at him.
Casey smiled back and then slowly leaned forward to kiss her. As his lips touched hers, her eyes fluttered shut, and she sighed softly into his mouth. She ran her tongue along his lip before sucking on it gently. He made a sound in his throat—a deep, rumbling, very male sound of satisfaction.
Scooting closer to him, Annie slid her hand up his cheek and threaded her fingers through his short hair as she melted even deeper into the kiss. Finally, he broke away and pulled back slightly so he could look at her again.
“Okay, we’d better get out of this bed before I get carried away and do something I’ll regret.”
She pouted at his words. “You’d regret it?”
“No, but I can’t right now.”
“Why not?”
Casey laughed at the crestfallen expression on Annie’s face. “Baby, I want our first time to be special. Just trust me, okay?” He kissed her forehead and chuckled as she nodded, struggling not to look too disappointed.
“Why don’t you jump in the shower, and I’ll make us some coffee. I left a towel and washcloth for you by the sink.”
“Ooh, caffeine. Yes, please,” she said with a big smile, this time nodding happily.
Grinning, he winked at her and rolled off the bed, heading towards the kitchen.
The water didn’t take long to warm, and Annie took a quick shower, shaving her legs as quickly as possible as she tried not to cut herself. Stepping out of the stall, she reached for the towel just as Casey was walking back into the bedroom. In her rush to get into the shower, she’d completely forgotten to close the bathroom door.
“Hey, did you want cream or sug—” he trailed off, staring at her standing there naked.
She grabbed the towel and quickly wrapped it around herself as she stammered, “Sorry, I forgot to close the door.”
“That’s okay,” he said, still staring at her, even though she was now somewhat modestly covered by a towel. “
“For my coffee?”
“Oh, right.” Casey gave a little shake of his head as if he were trying to clear the cobwebs from his brain. “Uh… right… let me get that for you.” He hesitated for a moment longer, then turned around and went back to the kitchen, muttering to himself as he left the room.
Annie couldn’t help giggling. She’d rendered him almost speechless. And he might be taking it slow with her, but he had definitely not looked away.

Book Promo Feature – Awakenings by Mary D. Brooks

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Mary D. Brooks to the blog. She is here to share about her book, Awakenings. If this book sounds like something that you would be interested in reading, please find buy links below and pick up a copy or two.

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book4In the fourth novel in the Intertwined Souls series, Awakenings continues with Eva and Zoe’s tumultuous journey to Greece and Germany. They leave Greece with a new understanding of the past and a renewed purpose for their lives. In Germany they discover unknown secrets and gifts that span generations. With hidden truths uncovered and a peek of their future, they can now work toward making their once impossible dreams come true.

Awakenings can be purchased from:

Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble   |   Kobo   |   BinkBooks

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logoMary D. Brooks lives in Australia and has been writing for forty years and has published short fiction stories for various Australian magazines and some non fiction pieces before she turned her attention to the Intertwined Souls series. Her first novel was In the Blood of the Greeks which was quickly followed by Where Shadows Linger and Full Circle. She now continues the series with Hidden Truths, Awakenings and the soon to be released No Good Deed.. When she’s not writing, she’s a graphic and web designer, travels when the travel bug hits and is chief editor for various multimedia sites.

Mary can be found:

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QUESTIONS. QUESTIONS AND more questions circulated like an out of control carousel in Eva Haralambos’ mind. She blinked in the semi-darkness of the bedroom. She was trying to get to sleep, but the turmoil in her mind prevented her from attaining that elusive goal.

Her back. The pain from her back intensified the longer she stayed in bed. No matter which position she tried, she was unable to achieve any respite. The legacy of her father’s brutal beating and mistreatment was a constant reminder of what she had been through. The nightmares had increased, and her dislike for painkillers or drugs of any kind only made the situation worse. There was no relief.

Eva turned to glance at Zoe, sleeping beside her. Eva had met Zoe Lambros in 1942 in Larissa, Greece, and Zoe had saved her life two years later. Zoe, the redheaded whirlwind, whose childhood had been ripped away from her when the Germans invaded her sleepy town, was the love of her life. Zoe had become a courageous member of the Resistance and together they worked against the Germans to aid the Jews. That was the start of their story, a story that had taken them to Australia to build a new life for themselves.

They were back where it all began for her and Zoe, back in the village that she despised, and back in the place that almost killed her. Larissa had changed Eva’s life in 1944, and now, six years later, once again revealed one unexpected piece of a puzzle that she was not even aware was missing.

Theresa Rosa. Her aunt Tessa. The woman that her family thought had perished in a fire before Eva was born, was alive. This revelation led to more astonishing news. Her aunt was gifted in a way Eva would never have anticipated or thought possible if she hadn’t seen the evidence. Tessa’s gifts were a blessing or a curse depending on how one interpreted them. Being able to see into the future with such clarity was disturbing and frightening.

How did Tessa cope with knowing the pain and anguish of what was to come for someone who wasn’t even born?

Was God playing some sort of bitter and twisted game?

Was Eva cursed as well with these gifts?

Eva’s life had been one of privilege until the Night of Broken Glass, and then fate threw her into a world where revulsion and torture became her reality. To her horror, she ended up in war-torn little Greek village that became her hell on earth—she was despised by her step-father and villagers

Eva sighed.

With a grunt, she threw the blanket off her legs and quietly got out of bed. The bed squeaked but the noise didn’t wake Zoe. She put on her robe and stood at the foot of the bed, watching Zoe sleep for a moment before she turned and slipped out of the room.

Fate was laughing at her again and she was powerless to stop whatever was heading her way.

If only she knew what the fates had in store for her.

Book Promo Feature – Circle in the Sand by Lia Fairchild

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Lia Fairchild to the blog. She’s here to share about her book, Circle in the Sand. If this book sounds like something you would be interested in reading, please find some buy links below and pick up a copy or two!

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1FinalCover-2From Bestselling Author, Lia Fairchild

Four Friends. Four Different Paths. One Unwavering Friendship.

Two decades of love, laughter, promises, and secrets hold together four friends pursuing different paths in life.

Jax always lived on the edge, skating through life with no apparent ambition, yet remained the energy and emotional cement of the group. She longs to be accepted.

Sage, career-driven, has always followed a carefully laid out plan for her future. But one look at the sexy ex-con staying on her friend’s sofa has her questioning everything.

Emily, the college drop-out, has three children that are her whole life. She’s slowly lost herself, subconsciously seeking dangerous ways to cope.

Ned yearns to stand up and be counted. But his new feelings for one of the girls has him pulled in different directions.

These four friends will test the ties that have held them together for so long, and in the process unveil truths about themselves they never knew existed.

Circle in the Sand is available from:

Amazon    |   B&N   |   Kobo   |   iTunes

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withbook2edsmallBestselling author, Lia Fairchild, is both a traditionally published and independent author who writes women’s fiction, romance, and chick lit. Fans of her books praise her endearing, real characters who come to life in stories that will touch your heart.

Fairchild is addicted to the warmth of Southern California and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a multiple-subject teaching credential. She is a wife and mother of two teenagers.

Look for updates on her and her books at or follow her on Twitter  or Facebook


Lia can be found:

Website/blog   |   Twitter   |   Facebook   |   Google+   |   Goodreads


I’m sitting at a rickety, wrought-iron table sprinkled with white bird shit, staring across at an ex-con and seriously fantasizing about him fertilizing my frozen eggs. Yep, this is exactly how I’d pictured my future when a twelve-year-old me visited the New York Stock Exchange for the first time.Excerpt:

Travis and I are on the patio at Juan’s, me with a large cup of black tar, him scarfing down a taco plate. He insisted on paying. He offers me a bite. I shake my head, and he continues eating. I watch his forearms and strong hands as he moves them around his space, wondering about all the beautiful things they’ve created before this new life of his took over. I examine his dark eyes, which don’t seem to be as sad as that first day we met. But they don’t hold the eagerness I’m used to seeing in men that look at me. I’m still trying to acclimate to this flirtationship that we’ve developed. Not quite dating, but something more than friends.
About two weeks ago I’d come to San Diego to meet with my new client. On the way home, my car took control and steered me right over to Jax’s house. I told myself it was probably best to clear the air with her, talk things over, and if Travis happened to be there, well, I’d just smile and say hi. Turned out Jax was at work. Travis answered the door, hair slightly damp, barefoot, wearing jeans, and again his shirt was AWOL. The cool breeze caused a chill on my skin. His face, dusted with black stubble, made my fingertips tingle. He didn’t invite me in after my reason for visiting was voided. Did I want to leave a message for Jax? Yeah, tell her the guy sleeping on her couch is an idiot.
“I’ll call her later,” I said then lingered a moment. That’s usually all it takes, but I could see he wasn’t biting. “I was going to grab some coffee before I head back, want to join me?” The words tasted awkward in my mouth. I wondered how they sounded to him. Please, sir, may I have another? He stared at me for a second, then shook his head. I hoped my face didn’t look as red as it felt. Suddenly I was hot, but not with embarrassment. Anger flushed over me. Not only had this guy turned me into the pursuer, but he’d stuffed me into self-realization mode, and I hate that. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying being pursued!
“You seem like a nice lady…”
Lady? What was I, seventy? I attempted to prepare myself for the brush off, but I wasn’t quite sure how.
Travis grabbed the side of the door with one hand. “Let me lay this all out on the line for you. I’m on probation for driving under the influence.” I folded my arms, attempting to look unaffected even though it had shocked me. “My car hopped a curb and ran into a nineteen-year-old sign spinner dressed as Freddy Krueger for the local Halloween store.” My mouth fell open, and I quickly closed it as he continued. “He had his back turned, didn’t even see us coming. He’s fine—only a few cuts and bruises—but he was knocked out. It could have been worse, so much worse, but does that really matter?”
Was I supposed to answer that question? I opened my mouth again, hoping something would come out on its own.
“I got credit for time served, have to do community service, got my license taken away; shall I continue?”
I cocked my head. “There’s more?”
“I’m doing you a favor. Don’t let your tidy little life get mixed up in this mess.”
Now he’d pissed me off, treating me as if I didn’t have a brain of my own. “Are you always such an ass when you’re doing people favors?”
“It would seem so.”
“Why is it okay for Jax to be nice to you and help you but not me?”
Deadpan stare.
“Oh, because she’s caring and generous and I’m a trust-funding snob? Whatever, screw this, I’m out of here.”
I flipped a fast one-eighty, then strode briskly back to my car parked at the curb. My biggest fear being an ankle giving way in my heels, and not the guy on a bike who whizzed by me as I stepped off the curb. “Crap!” I halted in place, drew my arms instinctively to my face. The guy swerved around me but an oncoming car caused him to swerve back, overcorrecting right toward my car. His beach-cruiser handle bars clipped my side view mirror. I heard him say, “Shit,” yet he kept going. I stood in the street watching him pedal away, getting smaller as he cruised down the street. This is what happens when you park on a freaking public street! When I turned to check the mirror, I found Travis standing next to me.
“Are you okay?” His hand on my arm made me jump. He pulled it away in reaction, chose to examine the mirror instead. “It was probably already a little loose,” he said handling the wobbly metal edge. “I can fix it.” Without a glance my way, he walked past, heading back to the house. “Wait on the porch,” he shouted back.
I was in no position to argue at that point, so I did as I was told and flopped down on the porch swing, somewhat pouty, and stared up at the cloudy sky. Travis disappeared into the house, came out a moment later wearing a shirt—I guess he does own one—holding a sweatshirt and a tool box.
“In case you’re cold,” he said, tossing it to me. He certainly was a polite ass.
I didn’t move when I saw he was done. He joined me on the swing, setting the toolbox on the porch. We both faced forward.
“Sorry,” he said to the street.
“Thank you,” I answered to the grass. “For the mirror, I mean.”
We were quiet for a long time. I had no idea what he was thinking about, then something struck me. “You said ‘us.’”
He turned his body to me. I noted a fresh scent that I guessed was his hair. “What?”
“The sign spinner. You said, ‘didn’t even see us coming.’ Who was in the car with you?”
What appeared to be a cocktail of reluctance, anger, and embarrassment entered his eyes and poured over his face before he answered. “That would be my ex-fiancé. I don’t want to talk about her. But all that shit I told you about me…it’s all true. And there’s more.”

Book Promo Feature – Lucien’s Mate by Diana Persaud

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Diana Persaud to the blog! She’s here to share about her book, Lucien’s Mate – Soul Mates. If this book sounds like something that you would be interested in reading, please find buy links below and pick up a copy or two.

Luciens-Mate“The man wants to seduce you with words. The wolf wants to throw you over my shoulder, take you to my bed and pleasure you until you say you are mine.”

-Lucien, Alpha of the Last Hope Werewolf Pack

From the moment Lucien, Alpha of the Last Hope Werewolf pack, sees Lanie, he knows she is his. Overtly sexual by nature, Lucien pursues Lanie, undeterred by the fact that she is Human and their union is forbidden.

When she encounters an Alpha Werewolf determined to have her, Lanie is flattered and confused. The unworldly, innocent Lanie is terrified of her intense desire for Lucien.

Lanie soon discovers the patriarchal nature of Werewolf society and begins to question Lucien’s motives. Is the lustful Lucien only intrigued by the idea of sex with a Human or is he interested in something more? Can this modern woman tolerate the old fashioned notions of Werewolf culture or will their cultural differences keep them apart?

Lucien’s Mate challenges the traditional mindset by presenting both Lucien’s and Lanie’s perspective as their story unfolds.

WARNING: This EROTIC novella contains Graphic Language and Graphic Sex. This book is intended for Mature Adults.

Lucien’s Mate can be purchased from:

Amazon   |   B&N   |   Kobo   |    iTunes   |   Smashwords

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Diana Persaud is a self published author of erotica. She has written several erotic novellas and is currently working on a dozen more.

Diana has a degree in science from Stetson University. She gave up teaching to pursue her dream of being a writer of romance novels. The inspiration of her first erotic novella, Lucien’s Mate came from her own experiences. Like Lanie, the central female character in Lucien’s Mate, Diana also heard warning bells when she first met her husband. After a much longer pursuit, she finally agreed to be his mate.

Diana can be found:

Website   |    Twitter   |   Facebook   

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Chapter 1
The door opened and he suddenly forgot how to breathe. Sights and sounds around him disappeared as he focused on her. He watched her while she spoke to the waitress, ran her hand through her short black hair. His eyes never left her as she walked across the room to the bar at the back of the restaurant. Her hips swayed slightly and he admired the way her jeans hugged her round ass. He wondered how good it would feel to hold her hips while he rubbed his cock against her generous bottom. His cock began to twitch in anticipation. His pack mates stared at him in shocked silence as he got up and walked across the room to the bar.
Lanie hurried into Jack’s, a local restaurant that catered exclusively to werewolves. She opened the door and stepped into the quaint restaurant. Laughter and loud voices greeted her as well as the scent of delicious Italian food. Behind the hostess podium, she noted an almost full restaurant. Diners sat at the tables enjoying red wine and pasta. Pasta was their specialty and their garlic bread was to die for! She was certain Heaven had an unlimited supply of Jack’s garlic bread.
It was fairly early for the dinner crowd and she was surprised to see so many patrons here. This was her last errand today and she was anxious to get back to her darling triplets. Tessa greeted her warmly and informed her that they were unusually busy today, so they were a little behind on her daily order. At Tessa’s suggestion, she decided to wait in the bar.
“What’ll it be, darlin’?” Toby asked as he wiped down the counter. Lanie yawned as she sat down.
“Just coffee. I’m so tired I could fall asleep standing up!” She stifled another yawn, arched her back and stretched her arms behind her head, unaware the action pushed her breasts outward.
Toby licked his lips as he stared at her breasts and swore he heard a growl. His eyes snapped up and he saw the pissed off man behind her. He paled as recognition set in.
“Toby? What’s wrong? You look….” Scared as hell, she thought. What could possibly scare the tough looking bartender, she wondered as she turned around. She sucked in a breath, shocked at the man standing right behind her. Lanie could swear she heard warning bells going off in her head. The man exuded danger.
At six feet tall, he towered over her. He had short, thick black hair and the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. His goatee only accentuated the three long scars across his right cheek. He looked seriously pissed at Toby. He clenched his jaw and she saw the muscle there jump. His shirt clung to his massive chest and flat belly. He also had muscular arms, something she definitely appreciated. His fists were clenched at his sides. His entire body was tense, as if ready for a fight. She heard Toby swear and back away. She thought she heard him say, “Shit man, I didn’t know….”
The stranger’s eyes followed Toby as he moved away. Once Toby was out of his sight, he relaxed his stance, tension completely gone. He moved to sit on the barstool next to her and turned to face her. He leaned slightly toward her, closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. His eyes snapped open and he looked at her, confusion on his face. She smelled of baby powder and had the unmistakable scent of pups, yet he could smell no man’s scent on her body. He was about to say something when Lanie’s cell phone rang.
She glanced at the caller ID and saw it was her brother, Michael. She answered and listened for a minute.
ALL of them?! Shit, don’t they have any damn manners?…Ok, Ok, I’ll get some more food, but they are busy here so it may take a while. I’m at Jack’s now, waiting for our usual order… mmmhmmm. How are the kids? …Oh, good. All right, I’ll see you in a bit…bye.”
As she hung up, Tessa walked up and told her the food was almost ready.
“I hate to do this to you, but Taylor and the rest of his brothers just showed up, so we’ll need at least another lasagna…and a bunch of bread sticks.”
“Better make it TWO lasagnas and extra breadsticks. I know how those boys eat. I’ll put a rush on it. I know you are anxious to get back to the girls, Lanie,” Tessa said with a smile as she walked away.
Lanie smiled as she thought of her little nieces, barely two weeks old.
“He’s a worthless bastard to get you with pups then abandon you. You deserve better than that. I will provide for you and your pups. And in time, we will have our own.”
“Excuse me?” A very shocked Lanie turned to the man sitting beside her.
“Ahh…umm….” She floundered for something else to say. Just what in the hell was he suggesting?
She was about to ask him when she heard someone call her name. She turned to the door and saw Riley walking towards her.
Hot damn, the man was good looking. Her body reacted at the mere sight of him.
He could smell her sudden arousal and it angered him that he wasn’t the cause. He looked at the tall blond man striding towards them. Realization hit him.

“It’s him, isn’t it? I’ll kill the worthless bastard,” she heard him growl as he stood up.
“Wait! You have it all wrong,” Lanie called out as she raced after him. She tried to grab his shirt, but he moved too damn fast. She did the only thing she could think of. She shoved him and he fell into a group of patrons. She quickly moved around him, to step in front of Riley. She put her hand on Riley’s chest to stop him. Lanie heard a loud, menacing growl. She turned around and held up her hand at the advancing stranger. He looked ready to tear Riley apart.
“He didn’t do anything…he’s not the father, my brother is!” She said. When she saw the shock on his face, she quickly clarified.
“What I meant was, my brother and his wife had triplets. I’m just here helping out.”

That seemed to calm him down tremendously. She shook her head and let out a long breath, relieved that Riley hadn’t been hurt. This man had been ready to fight over her?
“What are you doing here, Riley? I thought you and your brothers were at Mike’s?”
“Mike said you came to pick up food and I thought you might need a hand,” Riley replied.
Just then, Tessa walked up with two heavy bags, announcing their order was ready. Lanie asked Riley to take the food home and assured him she would be right behind him. She turned to the stranger behind her and sighed.
“I…ah… think it was very sweet of you to…umm… your offer was….ahh….it’s obviously not necessary, so bye!” She turned and practically ran out the door.
He frowned slightly at her flight. At least he knew her name. Lanie. He walked over to the waitress, Tessa, determined to find out everything about his Lanie.
Later that night….
Her youngest niece finally fell asleep. After gently placing her into her bassinet, Lanie went to bed. She replayed the day’s events and thought she must have been in a twilight zone episode.
There was no way any man, especially such an attractive one, would ever offer to take care of me. Especially if he thought I had someone else’s kid. But this guy did offer. Didn’t he? Maybe I misunderstood. Didn’t he say something about having kids with me? This is so confusing. Didn’t most men run at the mere thought of marriage and a family? This one obviously didn’t. There must be something wrong with him, she concluded. She turned to her side, still thinking about the blue eyed stranger from the bar.
Maybe his vision is going. After all, I’m hardly what anyone would call attractive. At a little over five feet tall, she had short brown hair, plain brown eyes and excess weight.
My breasts are too small, my hips and butt are too big. Men like him prefer tall, leggy, voluptuous blonds, everything I’m not. Wait a minute. I know what’s wrong with him. He must be a werewolf! She sighed. It figures that the only guy to ever show interest in me was part wolf. That makes him off limits then. There was no way a wolf pack would ever accept a human. She thought back to the day she found out about werewolves, almost two weeks ago.…
It was finally happening! Her sister in law, Devon, was going to have her babies. She wasn’t sure why Devon insisted on having her babies at home. She was expecting triplets, which was why Lanie decided to spend her summer vacation with her brother, Michael, and his wife. She knew they would need an extra hand to deal with three screaming babies.
Hell, IF I ever have a kid, I want an Epidural. Shit! Maybe two or three, thought Lanie, as she heard her sister- in-law scream in pain. Several minutes later, she heard the distinct cry of a baby, then another cry and at last, one more. Three healthy baby girls were born.
Several hours later, she heard a loud sound coming from the nursery. She jumped out of her chair and ran to the room. Her heart stopped beating as she stared at the empty bassinet. She screamed and heard her brother come running into the room. A movement on the floor caught her eye. It was a wolf pup.
“Oh, My God! It killed the baby!” she screamed and reached for the lamp. She was going to throw it at the wolf pup when her brother snatched it out of her hands. He dropped the lamp and grabbed her by her arms.
“Listen to me! The baby is fine. The baby is safe!” he said as he shook her. Finally she calmed down.
“Safe? Nellie is safe? Where is she? Where’s Nellie? No one came in here….”
Her brother swore and then said, “The wolf pup… is Nellie.”
Lanie stared at him in disbelief. He explained how several years ago he had been attacked by a werewolf. Most people who were attacked usually died. The few who survived a werewolf attack always became werewolves. No one knew why. A werewolf leader, called an Alpha, heard about his attack and brought him here, to Second Chances, where he could live safely among others of his kind. It was here that he met and fell in love with his mate, Devon. About half of the citizens of Second Chances were werewolves.
“Usually pups don’t change this young unless they are frightened.” Michael said worriedly.
“I heard a sound. Maybe it scared her and she changed…into…a…wolf.” She still couldn’t believe it. But she did believe when she saw the wolf pup, which had just fallen asleep cradled in her brother’s arms, change back into her oldest niece.
Lanie, a science teacher, now believed in werewolves. Why hadn’t they been discovered yet? Then she remembered how her brother had sworn her to secrecy. What else was out there? Vampires? Leprechauns? Bigfoot?! She had a million questions for her brother and sister in law, but they became so busy with the triplets, she never got a chance to ask any of them.
She sighed yet again. One of these days she would find out if she needed to stock up on silver bullets, holy water and garlic. She fell asleep and dreamed of a large black wolf with familiar blue eyes.

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Shakespeare’s plays run approximately 25 to 40 pages each. A Midsummer Night’s Drug and Much Ado About High School both can be read in an hour or less.

All and all, I tried to keep the plots and some of the characters’ spirits intact, but most everything else is different from the original plays. I say some of the characters, ‘cause I changed a few of them around, age and gender and ethnicity, and removed a few of them altogether. By eliminating some of them, there’s a faster tempo to the reading.

Where there were holes in Shakespeare’s stories, I patched them up.

Another thing about reading Shakespeare’s plays is how the characters slowly materialize in the mind’s eye; how it’s up to the reader to use his or her imagination in picturing the characters. There are very few details in his plays, if any at all, describing certain characters. (Plays of course are written for the stage.) I decided to go with this, though, give few details, if any, about most of the characters. So instead of reading a line or two of description about a certain character and them popping right into your mind, you have to immerse yourself in the dialogue and a picture of them will come to a slow boil in your mind. Not always. But a good amount of times. It’s jus’ different. That’s all. Not better. Not worse.

The last book in the series will be based on Romeo and Juliet.

The next set of books will be out during the Spring of 2015.

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“Why’d you think givin’ both Demetrius and Z the drug and havin’ them both fall for Swan would be a good idea?”

“I figured havin’ one guy lick your toes is good, havin’ two guys lick your toes has to be better; but I forgot to factor in their jealous natures. And I didn’t realize Swan would be so put off by the fact that Demetrius all of sudden wants her. She’s not stupid. That’s for sure. She knows somethin’-somethin’ is up. And I forgot to factor Mia into the equation.”

“This is a total mess.”

“It’s okay. I’ll fix things.” Purr wasn’t rattled in the least. She got a kick out of everybody making fools out of themselves like she kinda preferred that than watching fools falling in love.

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SS_1600x2400-1Her Marine training hadn’t quite prepared her for saving St. Nick.

Like all bad deeds, her nickname for David North had finally come back to bite her on the butt. The too nice man she admired was determined to play Santa for the local Christmas parade while some shooting stalker was out there after him.

Megan Lynx had promised her brother to guard his best friend, but who was going to guard her from a childhood crush that had obviously not gone away? For a geek, the man could nearly kiss the hard-ass Marine right out of her. Only she couldn’t let him. At least not until she’d managed to save Santa.


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“Did you learn anything useful?” Nicolas asked, inhaling Megan’s clean scent. He was tense from the strain of being polite to people he didn’t like. Megan’s smell soothed his senses after having had to breathe Tiffani’s cloying perfume all evening.

Megan nodded. “I validated pretty much all you told me about your mother, except I think things aren’t as great in her marital relationship as she’s led you to think. Your stepfather is not liked by his own children, much less you. He was never mentioned again by anyone after he left this evening. Oh. . .and Tiffani was sorely disappointed when you brought a date to dinner. Or so I heard. . .over and over.”

Nicolas pinched the bridge of his nose. He was never saying yes to his mother again. “We went to high school together. Tiffani is recently divorced, and on the prowl for a new husband. Seeing her was my mother’s idea, not mine. I did try to warn you before you agreed to come.”

“Stop. You don’t have to justify the presence of an attractive blonde hanging on your every word all evening. Besides, Dweeb 2—I mean Jefferson—informed me I wasn’t your type. He said all the women you date look just like Tiffani,” Megan declared.

She enjoyed his heavy, resigned sigh way too much as Nicolas turned his face to look out the window. But his quiet answer was disturbing.

“Jefferson is an ass, but in this case, he’s sort of right. It’s only because I don’t really date in the normal sense of the term. I just go out with women who pressure me into it—and only once in a while. They leave pretty quick when I can’t pay enough attention to them. I don’t. . .” Nicolas sighed and shook his head. “The rationalization I have for my dating failures seems so bad in my thoughts, I don’t think I can explain the theory aloud to you.”

Nicolas turned back and saw Megan’s gaze patiently waiting for him to find his balls and speak his thoughts anyway. He knew she would be prompting him shortly if he didn’t push through his distaste. Oddly, she was the only woman he could possibly ever admit something so honest to, but. . .oh, the hell with it.

“In general, pretty much all women bore me,” he admitted. Her giggling laugh over his confession caught him off-guard, just like nearly everything about her did. “What’s so damn funny about that? Don’t you think I’m a jerk?”

Megan shrugged. “I knew that was how you felt long before you told me. I could see how hard you were working to pay attention to what Tiffani with an ‘i’ was saying. Those brooding good looks of yours probably make you seem like the strong, silent type. I bet lots of people would be surprised how chatty you get when you’re comfortable.”

Nicolas shook his head again. “I’m not totally inept with women, just mostly inept. And I’m never chatty with anyone but you. I think it’s because you’re always arguing with me. Being reserved doesn’t often seem like an option.”

“I didn’t say you were inept with women. Don’t put words in my mouth, Dr. North.”

Megan turned in the car seat to look at him. All she got was his profile. His feelings were probably hurt, but she didn’t know how to be careful enough.

“You’re worried for no reason. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. Let me prove it to you. What color polish did Tiffani have on her fingernails?”

Nicolas snorted and barked out a laugh, surprised by the left field question. “And if I say I didn’t notice, will that count as an epic fail?” He studied his hands as he searched his memories for Tiffani’s fingers. He had basically ignored her when her skirt dance had started. Not that she had bad legs. They just weren’t as interesting as his stepbrothers staring at Megan’s breasts all evening.

“This is not a test, Dr. North. Work with me. Trying to make a point here,” Megan said sharply. “What do you remember about her? Anything at all?”

“Her perfume was way too strong. I like yours better. Why am I having déjà vu? I think we had this discussion earlier in the car.” He turned then and saw Megan smiling widely at him. What in hell had he said that pleased her so much? “Stop the questions. What are you going for here, Megan?”

“One more—what color toenail polish am I wearing right now?” Megan asked, knowing he hadn’t really taken the time to check.

Nicolas snorted. “Now I know this is a damn test and you know I didn’t notice. You normally don’t wear polish—or much makeup. The eyeliner you’re wearing has me spooked and don’t get me started again about the red lipstick. It was sexy on you, but I’m glad you didn’t reapply it. You look better with a naked mouth, and yes, I keep thinking about kissing you again.”

Megan crossed her arms. “I’m trying to point out something obvious to a man whose education didn’t extend far enough into social interactions. Blondie and I are two very different breeds of female. You seem physically immune to a certain kind of female and that’s not necessarily a flaw. After spending hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on her appearance though, Tiffani with an ‘i’ would be devastated to know you didn’t find her memorable. Worse in my opinion is you thought she was both boring and stupid. Yet you remember lots of things about me and don’t seem to check your ego when we talk. Ergo. . .Dweeb 2 has to be wrong about your type. Your stepbrothers have a lot of assumptions where you’re concerned. I wish I’d had more time to visit with your stepfather. I’d love to find out what he thinks.”

Nicolas ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Do you think I’m a defective male because I didn’t have a typical reaction to Tiffani?”

Megan laughed. She was flirting with a nearly clueless man. . .and it was fun. Why did it only feel like this with the man beside her?

“No, you’re not defective, just not completely in touch with female reality. But then, no man is. I guess I’m just saying people are often more complicated than they appear. For example. . .my brother thinks I’m a lesbian because I like comfortable clothes and don’t date every guy who asks me out.”

“If you’re a lesbian, you’re definitely bi,” Nicolas declared, shaking his head at David’s crudeness which prompted his own. “But I don’t think you’re either. Are you?”

The brave part of her always had to elbow the shy part when the perfect opportunity presented itself. Megan put her arm down between them and leaned closer. “Why don’t you kiss me again, and let’s find out together? Tomorrow I’ll report to David about your dysfunctional family and you can vouch for my heterosexual leanings.”

Snorting at the teasing invitation to do what he already wanted to do, Nicolas reached out and grabbed her by the lapels of her alluring top. He tugged Megan to him with more force than he should probably have used with a woman wearing a loaded gun. His knuckles grazed her breasts in the process and caused his brain to short-circuit as he fought not to palm them. More and more of his Megan fantasies were coming true.

“Just to validate your conclusions, Jefferson was wrong—dead ass wrong—about what I like. But you don’t have to torture me with whatever this thing is we have between us. I’ve already told you I’ve never felt like this about anyone but you.”

“Torturing you! I’m not torturing you. I’m trying to flirt with you, but apparently I suck at it? Now shut up and kiss me, St. Nick. We’re going to be at my house long before you grow a real pair of bal. . .”

Her chastisement was swallowed by firm lips slanting across hers again. His tongue slid into her mouth with no hesitation to possessively stroke against her own. A mewling sound issued from her throat when he pulled back and stared at her like a starving man.

“That was just as nice as all the other times,” Megan said, nearly choking on the truth.