Top 5 Good, er, Bad Qualities of a Bad Boy Hero by Amelia James, author of Her Twisted Pleasures

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Amelia James to the blog today! She’s here to share her thoughts on Bad Boy Heroes (is there any better topic?) and share some information about her latest book, Her Twisted Pleasures.  If this book sound like something you would like to read, please use the buy links at the bottom of the post to pick up a copy or two.

Top 5 Good, er, Bad Qualities of a Bad Boy Hero

I love bad boys. Give me a man in black leather with a vicious snarl and a jagged scar over a pretty boy in a suit any day… or night. But bad boys come in suits too, much like the troublemaker in my newest release, Her Twisted Pleasures. Alex Sheridan is a morally ambiguous lawyer with a lust for kink. Listed below are some of his most appealing qualities, traits many of my favorite rebellious heroes share:

1. He is raw sex. He doesn’t ask you what you like in bed. He tells you. Sometimes he doesn’t even tell you. Talk is overrated. He doesn’t make love or have sex with you. He f*cks you. He f*cks you well. He’s not afraid to get a little rough. A broken bed frame and a bruise or two means you had a good night.

2. He’s not relationship material. This is not a guy you take home to your mother. This is a guy you take home for a night… or an hour. He’ll take you wherever he finds a dark corner. Screw that. He’ll take you in public. He can do romance if that’s what you want, but he’s more suited to a hot fling… for now.

3. He appeals to your inner bad girl. He can make you do things you’ve never dared fantasize about… and you love it. He’s persuasive and manipulative. Sometimes you catch on, but by then it’s too late. You’re hooked. Bad boys appeal to your sexual nature at its most basic level: primitive, animal, urgent.

4. He’s dangerous. You don’t know what kind of trouble he’s going to start, but you can bet it’s gonna be a thrill ride. You can’t control him. He breaks rules without thinking about the consequences, and he doesn’t give a damn what other people think of him, until…

5. He’s devoted to one woman… eventually. He visits many beds, never staying long, searching for his one true love and when he finds her, he’s not interested in anyone else. Oh, he’ll flirt and tease other women, but when he finds his meant-to-be, no one else better go near her. (See #4) Alex is still searching for his. That’s my next book. 😉

Irresistible on so many levels. I could go on all day, but I’m finding it hard to think straight at the moment. Who’s your favorite bad boy?
Amelia James, Indie Author of Twisted Pleasures, erotic romance novel

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 Her Twisted Pleasures blurb

His hand came off my neck, and he wrapped his arms around me, crushing me against him. I grabbed his hair and forced his mouth to mine, feeding the darkness possessing us…. Submission, yes! Not giving up control but having it taken from me. This… this was why I needed Alex. Will was too nice; he would never abuse me like this. But Alex…mmm…Alex had no such qualms. “What have you done to me?”

Talia indulges her sexual pleasures, turning her life into a twisted mess. Sleeping with Alex is dangerous and reckless. She craves that excitement. Loving Will is comforting and safe. She needs that stability. Why can’t she get everything she wants from one man?

Will has everything under control. Watching his girlfriend flirt with his best friend fuels his lust for her. He loves Talia; he trusts Alex. It’s all good as long as he makes the rules.

Alex doesn’t give a damn about rules. He knows how to play with fire without getting burned. It’s just sex with Talia. No emotions means no attachments. That’s one rule he won’t break.

Sometimes dirty little secrets are more dirty than secret….

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Excerpt from Her Twisted Pleasures: Her Boyfriend’s Bed.

I stroked her thigh and she pulled her legs closed, trapping my hand. It was hard not to laugh at this passive aggressive bullshit. I pushed my mouth against her throat. “Com’ere and let me make you come.”

She moaned and her body relaxed. Her thighs fell apart and I rubbed her hot pussy through her jeans. She grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me.

Aw, that was too easy. I’d hoped for more of a fight. What could I do to make her squirm? A hundred dirty thoughts ran through my head. Oh yeah….

This time she heard me laugh. She looked at me with wary eyes, and her heart pounded hard against my chest.

That’s more like it. I liked to feed her fear. It kept things interesting.

“What are you thinking?”

“Do you really want to know?” I deepened my voice to make it threatening.

She shook her head, her green eyes wide—scared but turned on.

“I think I’ll do what he asked me to.”

“What did he…?”

“I’m gonna take you home.”

Her pout made me hard.

“To his place.”

The panic in her eyes told me she had started to catch on, but didn’t want to.

I waited one more beat to let it sink it. “I’m gonna fuck you in his bed.”

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Amelia James, Indie Author of Twisted Pleasures, erotic romance novelI got hooked on trashy romance novels in junior high, but my mom took them away from me, But she couldn’t stop me from daydreaming. After I got married, I wrote some of my naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine. Two of them got published. I kept daydreaming and writing stories until my dirty stories turned into trashy books.

I live in Colorado, but I’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When I’m not lusting after my next bad boy hero, I’m looking for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, bloodsucking lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.

You can find me on Facebook, and on Twitter I’m known as Trashy Writer. I call myself a trashy writer because I want my readers to know that I enjoy mindless escapism as much as they do. I’m not out to win a Pulitzer Prize. I just want to help someone relax and get away from it all for a little while. I write romance, erotica and trash for fun and pleasure. I hope you had a good time. I did.

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