Book Feature – Gabriella Edwards, Author of Keira’s Promise

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Gabriella Edwards to the blog.  She is the author of Keira’s Promise and she’s here to share information about her book. If this book sounds like something you’d be interested in buying, please use the links at the bottom of the post to pick up a copy or two!

Keira’s Promise 


Keira Jane Nesmith, a by-the-book FBI agent, never dreamed she’d be working a sex club to solve a friend’s murder. But she’s vowed nothing will stand in her way to get to the truth, not even the scorching attraction she has for Ryan Hargety. A man she must submit to while she investigates the club’s underground sex slave trade. A man she might have to take down to find justice for her friend.


When a friend asks for help uncovering a human trafficking ring, Haddon Ryan is happy to pay back a favor. As Ryan Hargety, he doesn’t count on one of the sex club employees distracting him to the point of blowing his cool or his cover. But Haddon suspects the woman who submits to him isn’t who she says she is. When she proves too much to resist, he’s willing to play her game.


*     *     *     *     *     * 


“Dance with me, princess.” The whisper was low and as smooth as velvet in her ear. Keira couldn’t stop the shiver of excitement rolling over her skin if she wanted to. If just the warmth of this man’s minty breath and the deep timber of his voice vibrating against her skin caused this much heat spiraling through her, imagine what his touch would do.

His hand resting in the hollow of her back, just above the curve of her ass sent another wave of heat radiating to her most sensitive spots. Her nipples immediately sprang to attention, an ache started between her legs.

Two fingers moved lower, brushing lightly, closer to the valley dividing her rear. She gasped as the tip of his thick finger burrowed in. Her eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head, and she felt the moisture seeping between her legs begin to coat her panties. Oh, she had it bad, but it had been building from the first time she’d laid eyes on him. This excitement humming through her body, whenever he appeared, was sapping her much needed focus.

He was a regular customer at the club, coming in every Wednesday and Friday over the

last two weeks. She’d noticed him immediately. Ryan Hargety was somewhat of an enigma. Tall and muscled, his shoulders were broad and strong. He never wore a suit jacket or tie, seeming to prefer body molding pullovers or button downs. Expensive and tasteful, his clothes certainly helped him look the part of Nouri Vorsescky’s “associate” The leading mob boss haunting the club had an image to uphold.

And he was why she needed to get close to this man. And she’d do herself a favor to remember that. Okay, the thought of that sleaze bag worked to put out some of the fire running through Keira’s blood. This wasn’t like any other assignment. She needed to go deep, deeper than she’d ever been in her career. She wasn’t fooling herself. She needed to get dirty because it was the only way to find the man with the signet ring who left his mark all over Tally’s body—Tally’s killer. So what’s wrong with now and with this man who couldn’t keep his eyes off of her since she had walked in?

A voice in the back of her head wouldn’t stop cautioning her though.

Dangerous it said.

Her attraction to him was definitely real, and as long as she kept her emotions intact, there wouldn’t be an issue. She could manage the “incidentals” when she needed to take the next step if necessary.

Engage, penetrate, observe.

His hand moved to her hip, urging her closer. Turning into what she knew would be a hard body, Keira breathed in, tightened her control and worked her cover.

“Hmm, the dance will cost you a drink, and then I might let you buy me dinner if you’re hungry, handsome.” She channeled her best femme fatale and hoped he didn’t see through to the nervous anticipation and…dread. The dread she’d deal with later, the anticipation—hell, she’d play it like she was a hired hostess. The club, renowned for its discreet services, attracted the area’s elite. And this guy fit the guest list perfectly.

Pressing against his side as he urged her forward with that hand in just the right place, Keira inhaled the scent of him. Citrus and spice on him made for a powerful combination. His chuckle warmed her further. Its deep resonance added to the thrill his words caused.

*     *     *     *     *     * 

About Gabriella Edwards –

Born and raised in Ohio, Gabriella is the youngest of five children of Italian immigrant parents who enjoyed seeing their children reading in English. That is, until they realized what the Valley of the Dolls was about. Growing up with two older sisters who loved reading romance; especially Harlequin, Gabriella found her niche so well she decided she’d try her hand at writing it. She writes all sub-genres of romance, the steamier the better, and she ain’t sorry for it!




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