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September 24th – October 2


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Zombie Candy

FREE 9/28 – 10/2

From her gorgeous husband to her acclaimed cooking classes, Candace Roach’s life looks nearly perfect from the outside. Well, appearances can be deceiving. Her husband, Larry, has three unruly addictions that drive her to the brink–zombie movies, cilantro, and having sex with other women. Luckily, her best friend Annie Ogden is back from Iraq and armed with a private investigator’s license and a fierce determination to see Candace happy again.

Together, the women uncover the ridiculous extent of Larry’s infidelity. He needs to be punished; that much is clear. But how can they hit him where it counts? Oh, if only she could find a way to tap into those three little addictions–what a lesson that would be. Italy is calling, as are the zombies in the night, as suburban housewife Candace Roach transforms herself into the ultimate fidelity vigilante, complete with a badass motorcycle, a very small pistol, and the nom de guerre “Zombie Candy.”



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The Mancode: Exposed

FREE 9/28 – 9/30

‘I’m over forty. I don’t have a blankie. I have vodka.’ Note: this is not a book of advice, how-to, or self-help. The author deconstructs stereotypes with satire. Totally different concept.’ I write about men, women, sex, & chocolate. My experiences, my truth, my martinis.’

*Note: Thompson employs hashtags (i.e., the # sign) in her collection. Google it. These are not typos, people #deargod.

Looking for a humorous take on family relationships or love and romance? Look no further.

Praise for The Mancode: Exposed — already a #1 bestseller in Marriage, Parenting & Families AND Parenting & Relationships!



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Black Beast

FREE 9/24 – 9/28

Decorated Denver Detective Bobby Macaulay has faced down a truckload of tragedy over recent years. The death of his partner; the loss of his own leg in the line of duty; the companionship of his beloved wife to cancer; his faith in God to his inner demons.

After the man who ruined his leg and killed his first partner is executed, Macaulay becomes the lead detective investigating the Sloan’s Lake murders. The method of killing in this double-homicide is so heinous it leads Macaulay and his partner down an ever-darkening path–one that must be traversed if they are to discover the evil forces behind the slaughter.

Just when Bobby Macaulay is questioning the very career that has been his salvation, he will discover a heroic history buried within his own family roots: The Clan MacAulay–a deep family lineage of protectors at the very core of a millenniums-long war against unimaginable evil.


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