Book Feature with Tessa Stokes, author of Stone Kisses

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Tessa Stokes to the blog!  She is the author of Stone Kisses and is here to share some information about her book!  If this book sounds like something that you would like to read, please use the buy links at the bottom of the post to pick up a copy or two.
Book feature with Tessa Stokes, erotica author of Stone KissesStone Kisses
A different paranormal romance. A contemporary adult fairy tale with explicit love scenes Stone Kisses is suitable for adults only. 

Stella is a young woman living alone, working at her graphic design business, and has not had a man in her life for a long time and feels very lonely.

It’s summer and she looks around her, sees only couples, and she ends up longing for love or at least kisses.

Some distance away, Apollo and Mercury live reasonably peacefully on the outskirts of town. These two gods are left over from ancient times. They have a game they like to play and Stella our heroine gets caught up in it.

Stella is an ordinary young woman working hard to pay her mortgage when she becomes entangled in the game.


She is in her garden and looks back at her house, she sees it needs painting but unable to afford this she decides to buy flowers for her garden to brighten it up.

In a garden center buying flowers, Stella meets Justin. He is beautiful, strong, and attracted to her. He decides to pursue her.

She also finds a garden statue she would like, a statue of Mercury the winged messenger.

Justin knows she wants the statue and he gifts it to her.

Let the game begin.



From the author:


This multi-thread story has themes that are serious, and funny. It is about history repeating itself, love and loss, love and not being afraid to show it, and all the beautiful things in the world. It took me about five months all up to write. The idea came to me when I was visiting a stately home and wandered into a particularly spooky part of the garden. It’s not a spooky story it’s full on romance. I have woven lots of hidden Greek and Roman gods into the story through other characters names, which was great fun. Also I have tried to show humanity and our frailties within the story.

The sex scenes were great to write because I wanted to create the atmosphere of absolute tenderness and love between Stella and her men.


About the author:

Tessa has lived in many places in the world because of her work, but currently resides in the United Kingdom where she was born.

She writes character driven stories, which are a genre blend of urban fantasy, paranormal romance and real life. Her books are heavily romantic. Tessa likes to write erotic and paranormal romance as well as contemporary fantasy as she says this gives her more scope for happy endings, which she thinks we all crave. Tessa has always been writing something, academic curriculum, advertizing copy, fiction, presently she writes paranormal romance/urban fantasy romance, and blogs. Tessa loves to wander around the ancient places, historical sites, and ruined castles of the UK where she often finds inspiration.

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Mercury silently walked to the door of the conservatory. He had watched Stella lock the door on some nights and forget it on others. Tonight she had forgotten probably because she was so in love with him, and had about driven him crazy with her fondling and kisses.He pushed his hands through his dark chestnut hair and licked his lips. He would very much like a drink of water he decided, and as he turned the handle of the door, he made sure that all of him had shed the stone. Then holding up his drapery that served to cover his lower body he went into Stella’s house. He silently found a glass filled it full of cold water to have a long drink and then he placed it carefully on the table.

Mercury needed to make sure not to frighten Stella, he had to make sure she believed this was a dream, and so very softly, almost silently he chanted a spell to keep her semi sleeping as he climbed the stairs to her room.

He pushed her bedroom door open carefully and looked at her sleeping. His green eyes filled with tears. She had a T-shirt on, and some little cotton shorts that came to her hips, and left her thighs, and legs bare. He glided to her bed and sat beside her. The way she looked was touchingly peaceful, and he stroked her hair away from her face as he bent to kiss her cheeks, then nose, her eyelids and then her lips. Stella stirred and moved towards his lips. In her dream she was with Mercury; she wanted him so badly, and he was real in her bed with her.

He was too, and he lay down next to her and began to ease the T-shirt up her body kissing her along her ribs until he reached her breasts when he was overtaken by a wave of desire, and took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked gently, and licked all the way to her other breast where he swirled his tongue around that nipple. His hand caressing down her body to stop and push the little cotton pants down until he could feel her soft dampness.

He found her mouth with his as he pressed his fingers into her carefully, gently, lovingly. Stella was dreaming of him, had her hands in his hair, and was kissing him passionately. She moved her lips from his and whispered his name, “Mercury”.

Mercury moved quickly to have her kiss back on his lips and eased over her with care. Stella moved her hands over his body until she found him hard and needy, and in her dream she moved down his body kissing him until she took the velvet end of him into her mouth and sucked a little. Mercury softly moaned with pleasure his hands in her hair, but he wanted her kiss, and he moved her until he held her close, his lips on hers, and then he opened her legs trailing his fingertips against her to make sure she really wanted him. He was very gentle about pushing into her, and nearly groaned aloud when she held him to her, and thrust her hips to meet him. She whispered his name again against his lips, and as they made love to each other he told her he loved her, over and over. Stella told him she loved him too.

When the first rays of the morning sun wove between the last streaks of darkness, Mercury raised himself from Stella’s arms and kissed her lovingly.


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