Book Blogger Friday with Gina from Behind A Million And One Pages

Welcome to Book Blogger Friday! This is the day that we feature a book blogger. The idea behind this is to help you make some bloggy friends. Today’s Book Blogger is Gina and her blog is called Behind A Million And One Pages and looks like:

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 4.11.31 PM

Gina is here to answer a few of our questions. Make sure you drop by her blog and say hi when you get a chance!

RPC – Introduce yourself and your blog

Gina – Hi all! My name is Gina, and I run the blog Behind A Million And One Pages. At my blog, you can find a whole heap of different things such as reviews, guest posts, interviews, giveaways, promo posts… the whole nine yards! I also make my own Bookmarks that are available to download and print on the blog for FREE 😀

RPC – Do you see yourself as a voracious reader?

Gina – YES! I always have a book in my bag (or my Sony Reader) ready for any spare moment so that I can get even only a couple pages in. When I’m not doing all my blogging things on my laptop, I’m reading.

RPC – How long have you been blogging?

Gina – Over a year, I started at the end of October 2011 and I haven’t looked back since

RPC – What made you decide to start book blogging?

Gina – Mainly from Goodreads. All of my friends had blogs and it kinda sunk in. So I asked them all about it and how it works and if it would be easy to set up a blog etc etc. And so it all happened

RPC – What genre(s) does your blog focus on?

Gina – Anything within YA. I have done some middle-grade novels, but I prefer YA over anything else.

RPC – Has your reading tastes changed since you started your blog?

Gina – I’ve always been into YA books, but yes, I think so. I used to be all about YA Paranormal. Now I’m obsessed with YA Dystopian. Most of them are within a series, but the first one is always the best because it brings a new world and you learn about everything that has changed.

RPC – Do you post reviews on your blog?

Gina – MOST DEFINITELY! All of my reviews are posted on my blog before they are posted onto Goodreads and all other websites where the book is sold (if I can actually get a review on them without having bought them….Amazon :/ )

RPC – How many review requests do you get each month on average?

Gina – Wow. Well, I have stopped keeping track because I have cut down review requests at the moment. My list is piling high and I stopped taking requests because I didn’t want other authors waiting forever for a review of their novel. But before, I probably got around 20 or so per month. I am known for my in-depth reviews, which is probably why I get so many requests… but I’m not complaining, I love it!

RPC – Do you have a Review Policy or something similar?

Gina – Yes I do, it is on my blog (link below). But basically it says that no author has influenced my review of the novel that I review. I accept both ePub (and PDF) and paperback (/hardback) copies of novels to review, however, if the author sends me a paperback copy of their novel for me to review, I will add that to the front of the queue. I do this because I live in Australia, and because the author is taking the time out to send me a print copy of their novel, that they deserve to be bumped up in the line.

RPC – Do you review Indie or Small Pub books?

Gina – I review all kinds of novels, even indie and small pub books. I do not pick out grammatical errors in my reviews (as long as I can actually understand what the book is saying), I go by the story that is presented, as well as the characters, world building etc. This is all found in my review policy (link above)

RPC – Do you host guest posts or interviews?

Gina – All the time, I have two default sets of questions for authors regarding interviews. One is for the first time they are on the blog, and two, is for the second time they come to the blog. With guest posts, I allow the author to choose any topic they wish (also more info in my review policy).

RPC – What information do you require when an author approaches you?

Gina – Book blurb is the obvious and most important piece of information that I can get. If the author would like to include any other promotion to the blog post, such as excerpts, interview, giveaway etc. Also, if there is a certain date that the author would like the review/post published by, with this though, allow for within a few weeks (e.g. want the interview posted sometime within the first and second week of Feb) and I can see what I can do. This as well, allows me to check my blog’s schedule so that maximum coverage can be achieved, as well as without clashing with any other authors, blog tours etc.

RPC – How can we stalk you?

Gina – The most important way is my blog
And email:
And additional ones are: