Book Blogger Friday with Kayla from Kayla’s Place: Mommy & Literary Dreamer

Welcome to Book Blogger Friday! Today we are welcoming Kayla from Kayla’s Place: Mommy & Literary Dreamer to the blog. Friday is the day that we feature a book blogger. Authors are always on the look out for someone to review their book and that’s what book bloggers enjoy doing. This isn’t an invitation to flood Kayla with review requests, but drop by her site, have a look around and say hi!

RPC – Introduce yourself and your blog

Kayla – Well, I’m Kayla & my blog is Kayla’s Place: Mommy & Literary Dreamer. I’m from a small town in Louisiana that I can promise you’ve never heard of but I work in Monroe – if you’re a fan of Duck Dynasty then you’ll recognize Monroe. LoL Yes, it’s true, you can spot them all over town but I promise you we don’t act like the southerners they make us out to be on the show. 🙂 I’ve never raced a lawn mower a day in my life but I have duck hunted several times. ^_^ I’m married, have one 3 year old little man, and 3 other children (a mastiff, a dachshund & a black lab). I created Kayla’s Place (AKA Ramblings of a Toddler’s Mom) because I realized I read entirely too much (if there is such a thing) and realized that sharing what I thought about the novels I read can be really fun. My eyes were completely opened up to the world of book blogging! I adore each and every one of you! I was welcomed with open arms & haven’t looked back since! ^_^

RPC – Do you see yourself as a voracious reader?

Kayla – Definitely. Ha. I’ve grown to accept the fact that reading is my passion (my husband says I have an addiction & the first step is admitting the problem…LoL). I get more excited about books than anything else (well, cough cough, besides the tv show Supernatural – I <3 Dean Winchester). If you ask me a book question, be prepared to sit and listen to me ramble for as long as your ears can stand.

RPC – How long have you been blogging?

Kayla – Well, I blogged a while when I was in college but it wasn’t a book blog – more like a blog about life as a college student. I began book blogging in September 2011. I love spending time working on my blog & networking with other bloggers. I wish I could honestly quit my full time job & blog 24/7. Sadly, I don’t get to spend as much time blogging as I’d like. >_<

RPC – What made you decide to start book blogging?

Kayla – I decided to start book blogging because I realized how my opinion could actually help others decide what to read next. I love to help spread the word about novels. I was already doing this verbally with friends. One day, I got online to read a few reviews on a new book I had heard about. It made me think “huh… why don’t I do this?” Bam… book blogging it is!

RPC – What genre(s) does your blog focus on?

Kayla – My tastes in novels runs far and wide really. My main genres of choice are YA, NA, & Adult contemporary romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and a little erotica here and there. I enjoy a good suspense/mystery novel every now and again as well.

RPC – Has your reading tastes changed since you started your blog?

Kayla – Well, maybe not since I started to blog, but as I grew up, started a family, and real life smacked me in the face, my tastes have changed. I used to read nothing but Stephen King. He was my absolute favorite author. I had every book on my shelf and read several of them over and over again. Now, I haven’t read a SK novel in a few years… sad I know… but I lean more towards the romance genre than ever before. I used to laugh when my grandmother would discuss her latest “smut” novel because I could never picture myself reading “that type of book.” Now, we discuss our latest reads constantly & even pass books back and forth.

RPC – Do you post reviews on your blog?

Kayla – I do! I enjoy posting reviews. I have to kick myself every now and again because I write reviews for novels as part of tours or by request…. but then I read a novel for myself and forget to write a review! >_< Total blonde moment I guess. LoL

RPC – How many review requests do you get each month on average?

Kayla – Hmm… You know, I’ve never actually counted them out. I’m a host for several different blog tour sites and also accept reviews by email. If I had to guess, I probably receive 10-20 requests a month. Sadly I can’t accept every review. I wish I could! There just isn’t enough time in the day! 🙁

RPC – Do you have a Review Policy or something similar?

Kayla – I do. It’s rather lengthy because I’m one of those people that likes to be completely up front about everything. I adore working with authors & publishers so each time I get a review request, I feel very privileged to have been asked. Authors work hard on their novels so I respect them and want to ensure I put my best foot forward when accepting their novel for review.

RPC – Do you review Indie or Small Pub books?

Kayla – Yes times a million!! My bookshelf wouldn’t be the same without them!! Some of my all time favorites are self-published novels!

RPC – Do you host guest posts or interviews?

Kayla – Yes! I accept guest posts on a case by case basis. I also extend the invitation to do a guest post on my site if I’ve worked with you and feel you have important things to get out there. I love helping authors get the word out about their novels and I enjoy getting to know each one of them better.

RPC – What information do you require when an author approaches you?

Kayla – I want to know about their novel – the synopsis, when it was released or is scheduled to release, a link so I can verify the novel they’re telling me about, and as much about themselves as they want to share. My favorite review requests are those in which the author tells me why they decided to write the novel they’re telling me about. That insight is great & helps me get a feel for what the novel may be like. I don’t require that they tell me all of this in one formal email though. I enjoy talking back and forth with them. I ask questions and if they’re willing to answer & hold a conversation with me, then I know they’re someone I’d love to work with… I love to talk…Digitally anyways. I’m really a quiet person in face to face “real world” situations. ^_^

RPC – How can we stalk you?
Kayla – Blog:
Twitter Handle: @HsRamblingMom