Book Blogger Friday with Goldie from My Book Musings

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Goldie from My Book Musings to the blog today! As you know, every Friday is what we call Book Blogger Friday. This is the day when we post an introduction to a book blogger. We hope that you learn some information about a book blogger who might help you promote your book. This isn’t, however, an invitation to swamp Goldie with review requests. Drop by Goldie’s blog, say hi and make a new bloggy friend!

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RPC – Introduce yourself and your blog /em>

Goldie – My name is Goldie and I’m the blogger behind My Book Musings. I’m a 20-something Filipina, and I’m a copy editor. My Book Musings is where I post my thoughts about the books I’ve read, or share exciting news about upcoming books that I’m excited about. My aim is to read more books from my country and to spread the word about them. I’ve read great Filipino books, written in English, and I want to share that with the international community.

At My Book Musings, I have some feature posts like if I read a book that’s 200 words or less, I will post them on a Tuesday for Quickstop Tuesdays. I also have my 8 Qs, my interview feature, for authors who want to be interviewed. I also have my own meme, That One Line, where I post a quote that I read before and which I liked so much I just had to share it!

RPC – Do you see yourself as a voracious reader?

Goldie – Yes, I do! I love to read almost everyday. I spend thousands on books, and when there are special occasions, my boyfriend would give me a box or bag full of books. They thrill me!

RPC – How long have you been blogging?

Goldie – I started My Book Musings in December 2010, but I only started blogging more seriously in 2012. So that means I’ve been blogging for almost three years now, but I only started interacting with the community late last year. It’s actually been pretty interesting and fun 🙂

RPC – What made you decide to start book blogging?

Goldie – I used to have an online bookstore, Mad About Books, and I wanted to market the books by talking about them, so I decided to write reviews. But even when I closed shop, I continued blogging because I realized I enjoyed it and I enjoyed having a community who is as enthusiastic about books as I am. 🙂

RPC – What genre(s) does your blog focus on?

Goldie – I don’t focus on one particular genre. The books I review, however, depend on what genre I’m hooked on at the moment. For the past year, I’ve talked about a lot of historical romance books because I’m addicted to them right now, but I have also talked about chick lit, mystery/thriller books, young adult books, and books/graphic novels written by Filipino authors.

RPC –  Has your reading tastes changed since you started your blog?

Goldie – Not so much, I think. I’ve always been a wide reader. I read historical romance, romance, chick lit, young adult, mysteries, thrillers, suspense, contemporary fiction, classics, humor, etc. However, I think what did change was my openness to read books by authors I have not heard about before.

RPC – Do you post reviews on your blog?

Goldie – Yes, my posts are primarily book reviews, mixed with one or two meme posts every week. I rate books with 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, or 5 stars.

RPC –  How many review requests do you get each month on average?

Goldie – I only started getting review requests this year, and so far I get two to three requests a month. I don’t accept every request, though, to be fair to myself, the writer, and the readers of my blog.

RPC –  Do you have a Review Policy or something similar?

Goldie – Yes, I have a Review Policy! It’s at Outlined there are my rules for authors or publishers, for author interviews, and the listing of the genres I accept and do not accept for review. I also posted a disclaimer, and the explanation of what the stars mean.

RPC –  Do you review Indie or Small Pub books?

Goldie – Yes, I do! I’ve met incredibly nice authors like Jen Minkman (of Shadow of Time). I have also met authors from other countries who just had their books translated to English like Inger Wolf (Evil Water).

RPC – Do you host guest posts or interviews?

Goldie – So far I have had one interview with Persistence of Vision writer, Liesel K. Hill. But I am welcome to more interviews (as outlined in my Policies), and to hosting guest posts, and guest reviews by other bloggers, as long as your book is under the genres I accept for reviews and your post is originally written for my blog.

RPC –  What information do you require when an author approaches you?

Goldie – I would like to actually be mentioned in the email, a Hi Goldie would be a nice start 🙂 And then to state what you would like (a review, an interview, etc), if you have a specific date you would like your post published, the synopsis of your book, the genre, and a brief intro about you. Also, the first chapter of your book would be nice. I usually ask for the first chapter to be sure I would actually want to read the book. I think it’s also fair to the writer so I won’t raise false hopes or make them wait if I end up not finishing the book.

It would also be nice if you could actually go through my blog first and read up on my policies. I have had people email me review requests for books that I do not review. I get a little turned off if the author/publisher looks like s/he hasn’t read my blog in the first place!

RPC –  How can we stalk you?

Goldie – Oh! You can “stalk” me through various ways. I’m on:

twitter (@mybookmusings),

Pinterest (,

RSS (,

G+ (,

Bloglovin’ (, and

Goodreads (