Book Blogger Friday with Kriss Morton from Cabin Goddess

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Kriss Morton from Cabin Goddess to the Book Blogger Friday! Fridays are the day when we take the opportunity to introduce a book blogger to you and encourage you to drop by and make a bloggy friend! I hope you enjoy learning about Kriss and drop by her blog and say hi.

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RPC – Introduce yourself and your blog

Kriss – Hello! My name is Kriss Morton and I am the owner, operator, prolific writer, insane rambling blogging crazy reviewer over at Cabin Goddess! I review, write recipes, host authors, tours, have special author spotlights on Fridays and short story spotlights on Sunday’s and all manner of festivities whenever it strikes me! If it is Alaskan I write about it, if I feel like posting images, I post them, if my cat insists on a hostile takeover, she does! Oh and occasionally my partner posts his opinions too. I have been predominately reviewed indie books but I read and review any that strike my fancy. I also am a publicist and host numerous radio shows so you can find those links on the blog too!

RPC – Do you see yourself as a voracious reader?

Kriss – Oh gosh YES! I review at least twice a week and because I host Bewitching Tours radio show at least three times a month I also read those books for show prep so I read at least three a week if not more! I am reading at least six at a time. I read 10% and move to the next one. When I get to the sixth one, I start back on the first till I am done!

RPC – How long have you been blogging?

Kriss – Since Before Livejournal went public. I was working with AOL and a children’s chat room monitor for a now defunct site in Seattle called Freerange media and I maintained a Blog during 1997. I have blogged since then and had various blogs since then. My current blog started off on when I was pregnant with my fifth child in 1999 and I have continued strong since! Cabin Goddess used to be Cabin Bitch and I posted my first book review Fall of 2011 on a Werewolf called DOGWORLD and the next week my first recipe to go along with a book featuring bacon and my bacon persona of THE BACAON WALKER was born. It has never been the same sense.

RPC – What made you decide to start book blogging?

Kriss – I did not decide, it was decided for me! I was taking a break from school and academia because of some health problems. I had just finished reading my 206th book for fun (not any of my school books) and my friend said, “Are you reviewing them at all?” I said I was rating them on Goodreads and doing the challenge but I had no clue how to review. I was scared to death. I was getting my degree in English Literature and felt I was to analytical and many of my first reviews shows this. Even today they are prolific. Some authors appreciate it but readers want to laugh or read a review telling them why they should pay four bucks or even ten to buy a book and read it and they want to understand why they should fork the money over. I tend to talk over folks heads. Now days I let the wild woman out of the bag and have a blast! But no, I did not decide. Coral Russell of The Indie Exchange dragged me kicking and screaming down the rabbit whole and I have not been the same sense, and I could not be happier most days!

RPC – What genre(s) does your blog focus on?

Kriss – Literary fiction, horror, zombie, post apocalypse, psychological horror and this year mystery and crime fiction. I love urban fantasy and paranormal fantasy too. I do not focus on any genre except what I fancy at the time. What I DON’T focus on is straight romance. Though I am reading a bit more of it because of my marketing clients now, I still do not fancy it much. I love horror and love a good dark humor read. OH and if you write snark well throw your book my way!

RPC – Has your reading tastes changed since you started your blog?

Kriss – I think I let things through I never would have read in the first place. I am not as picky as I used to be. I think it is not a good thing honestly. Indie is great but unfortunately it has tended to water down things and so many fabulous authors get lost in the fray. I read till I find the great ones! It is an adventure!

RPC – Do you post reviews on your blog?

Kriss – I post them on my blog FIRST, and then if I want, I post them on Goodreads and Amazon. But I do not post all of them on Amazon.

RPC – How many review requests do you get each month on average?

Kriss – Since closing reviews they have trickled down to 30.

RPC – Do you have a Review Policy or something similar?

Kriss – Yes I do, and it is a mess and I left it like that to deter requests, it has not. I thought about making it easier. I did clean it up and my requests doubled and I decided to go back to the old one and it went down a bit. So I left it that. I hate saying now to people. My crack are tours. I cannot say no to tours.

RPC – Do you review Indie or Small Pub books?

Kriss – Both. But I also get a lot of review requests from three of the six Trade houses too thanks to one of the places I tour from. I am really honored because of it. I am one of the the reviewers to four mid-level presses too.

RPC – Do you host guest posts or interviews?

Kriss – I do special Interviews ( and a Recipe, it is really cool, and they create recipes that are themed to their books. Both drinks and food! I don’t like Guest posts, but my Fourth-Wall Friday ( posts are the closest thing to guest posts which would be considered a guest post and it is more like a author spotlight post.

RPC – What information do you require when an author approaches you?

Kriss – Link to their book, genre, personally addressing me in an email. Honestly they need to go through my review policy page! Even if it is a nightmare! *evil smile* All the info is there!

RPC – How can we stalk you?

FACEBOOK PROFILE (I love friends)