Book Blogger Friday – Interview with Falling in Fall Book Blog

Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Falling in Fall to Book Blogger Friday!  Book Blogger Friday is the day that we introduce a book blogger to you. Someone who likes books as much as you do, and someone who would make a great bloggy friend! We encourage you to drop by and visit. See what they are up to. See what they are reading. You can find a link to their blog at the bottom of this interview.

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RPC –  Introduce yourself and your blog


Falling in Fall – Greetings from an Okie romance blog! I’m Ashton, and I am the creator of Falling In Fall Book Blog. Falling In Fall is a blog about heartbreak to happiness and all of the sexy indie romance in between.


RPC –  Do you see yourself as a voracious reader?


Falling in Fall – Absolutely! Although, if you would have asked me that question before 2009, I would have said, “Uh no! I’m a movie buff. Who reads anyways?” Ha! Oh, how times have changed.


I never read growing up, but a little book called Twilight changed my entire life. I read the first book in one day, as well as New Moon and Eclipse. I waited in line at Barnes & Noble for four hours to be able to read Breaking Dawn the moment they ripped open the boxes. After the Twilight series, I couldn’t stop reading, but I was ready for a sex scene that lasted longer than a half page of a 600-page book.


Last June, I picked up Fifty Shades of Grey, and I finally found the naughty “Edward” I had always lusted for. After completing the series, I googled, “What to read after FSoG.” An extremely popular indie blog appeared with a list of up and coming indie authors and books. The first on the list? Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. Then there was The Thoughtless Series, The Breathing Series, The Dark Series, The Slammed Series, etc… I was reading roughly four books a week! My passion has continued to expand, and now I have a TBR list that is big enough to last me the rest of my life!


RPC – How long have you been blogging?


Falling in Fall – I started Falling In Fall August 28, 2012, so we are about to have our first birthday!


RPC – What made you decide to start book blogging?


Falling in Fall – I fell in love with indie authors, and I needed someone to tell! My family quickly tuned me out, so I started a blog.


RPC – What genre(s) does your blog focus on?


Falling In Fall – focuses on young adult, new adult, contemporary, erotica, and BDSM romance novels.


RPC – Has your reading tastes changed since you started your blog?

Falling in Fall – Luckily, it hasn’t! Plus it helps to have two fabulous reviewers and a guest poster to take on different genres. Everyone has a favorite:


Jodie Rae enjoys the erotica and BDSM novels best;

Lo adores new adult, contemporary, and erotica novels;

Tricia absorbs young adult and new adult stories faster than anyone I know; and

I love to read all of the above, but my heart is for contemporary and erotica romances.


RPC – Do you post reviews on your blog?


Falling in Fall – Reviews are an integral part of our blog’s mission. All of our reviews are posted to the blog, Amazon, and Goodreads. We will post to other websites by author request.


RPC – How many review requests do you get each month on average?


Falling in Fall – We host for over 20 tour companies, up to five publishing companies, and individual author review requests. I would estimate between 50-100 review requests a month.


RPC – Do you have a Review Policy or something similar?


Falling in Fall – Yes, we do have a review policy. You may review the policy at this link:


RPC –  Do you review Indie or Small Pub books?


Falling in Fall – We review romance novels and novellas from indie and traditionally published authors.


RPC – Do you host guest posts or interviews?


Falling in Fall – We host about two-four interviews a month. These consist of author and character interviews.


RPC – What information do you require when an author approaches you?


Falling In Fall asks that authors submit the following information when submitting a review request:


  • Title
  • Genre
  • Synopsis
  • Author Bio and Picture
  • Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and other links.
  • *E-book copy (We accept PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.)

This information and more can be found in the review policy on our blog.

RPC – How can we stalk you?


Falling in Fall – Follow our posts and become a FALLower at:








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