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Romance Promo Central is happy to welcome Kirsty Dallas to the blog. She is the author of several books, but is here to discuss her Mercy’s Angels Series today. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please find buy links below!

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Based in the fictional U.S town of Claymont, the Mercy’s Angels Series is a sequence of contemporary romance books that tackles difficult and emotional topics such as abuse, homelessness, prostitution and human trafficking.

Each book features in some capacity, Mercy’s Shelter for Abused Woman, hence the series title. The books can be read as standalones, but you will have a much more rewarding reading experience if you read from the first book, Saving Ella. The relationships between the characters develop and build over time, tying the books together and creating a journey of family, friendship and love.

Even though the topics are rather intense, each books promises to deliver passion, romance, action and even a few laughs, without destroying the integrity and reality of the harrowing subject matters.

1Saving Ella

“Hate, to feel intense dislike or extreme aversion or hostility…Such a powerful word, such an intense emotion. To live without hate must be bliss.” ~ Ella Munroe

“Your scars might remind you of where you have been angel, but they don’t have to dictate where you’re going.” ~ Jaxon Carter

Fighting Back

“Only boys allow their woman to be jealous of other women. I’m a 2man Betty Boop, which means every other woman on the face of the planet is going to be insanely jealous of you.” ~ Charlie Cole

“You’re in charge here Betty Boop. If you want it…take it.” ~ Charlie Cole

Tortured Soul

An honorable man wouldn’t have touched, he wouldn’t have kissed her, and he most certainly wouldn’t be dreaming of tying her to his bed with a silk tie and licking every inch of her body. Fortunately for me, I was not an Tortured Soulhonorable man. ~ Braiden Montgomery

The Mercy’s Angels Series has been nominated for ‘Favourite Continuing Series’ by the Romance Readers Association in Australia.


Breeze Of Life is an Aussie roadtrip adventure featuring an Aussie surfing God, known as Harper Somerville, and his best friend, Bree Breeze Delany. Facing the very real and very frightening topic of cancer and depression, Breeze of Life might seem a little too daunting a journey for many. Don’t let fear hold you back from experiencing this 3romance though. This story is a celebration of life and encourages us all to live each and every day without fear or regret. It is filled with plenty of laughter, good friends, epic camping adventures, heaps of great music and one very hot scene in the back of an SUV. Breeze of Life is currently up for several awards in the Novel Grounds Bi-annual Literary Awards.

“I was ten years old when Harper stole my heart, and he would have it forever more.” ~ Bree Delany

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Kirsty Dallas is a born and bred Aussie who grew up on the beaches of tropical North Queensland. She migrated to the beaches of South East Queensland 1995, where she still resides to this day. Mind you, her tan is now a pale shade of white achieved after many hours in front of a computer screen.


Kirsty is not afraid to tackle emotional topics in her novels, like abuse, homelessness, cancer and depression.  However difficult and harrowing those subjects might be, Kirsty is careful to deliver a book full of passion and romance while maintaining the reality and integrity of those sensitive issues.


The Mercy’s Angels Series is based in the fictional town of Claymont and each book revolves in some capacity around Mercy’s Shelter for Abused Women. Saving Ella is book 1 in the series, Fighting Back is book 2 and Tortured Soul is book 3, which will be released February 22nd.


Breeze of Life is Kirsty’s only standalone to date. The story follows the journey of two best friends falling in love. Based on the East Coast of Australia, it features music, surfing, poetry and a pretty steamy scene in the back of an SUV.


Kirsty has two rules when writing. Rule one, “forget about being published, forget about ratings and awards, write simply for the love of writing”. And rule two, “be brave, don’t be afraid to traverse the path less traveled and don’t conform.” With these rules in mind, Kirsty’s books promise real, gritty and raw emotions that will leave you in a deep seated book hangover.


Tortured Soul, Mercy’s Angels Book 3 is scheduled to be released February 22ndand bloggers are welcome to join the Blog Tour hosted by Bookslapped. Sign up here


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