A Destiny Revealed by Dria Andersen

destiny-awakenedwebZahra spent a good portion of her life fighting to fit into her father’s world. Always toeing the line, his rules dictated her every move. Lessons and legends her mother and grandmother taught her were pushed aside for more practical pursuits to suit her new lifestyle. A teak jewelry box, its appearance unassuming, changed all of that. Accused of its theft, she’s tossed out of her job and into danger. Her possession of the chest has awakened the artifact housed inside and now she must take responsibility of magic it held and the warriors charged with its safe keeping. Her sexy next door neighbor Fynn seems to have all the answers, but they come at a price. Can she trust him with her life, or more important her heart?

Centuries of punishment and not once had he forgotten his duty. What was it about this woman that shattered through his defenses? Fynn kept his distance from Zahra, fighting an attraction he knew didn’t belong in his dangerous world. His tribe had been sentenced to search for their stolen artifact and Zahra’s possession of it plunges her head first into his world. How is he supposed to fight his attraction when the very reason to keep his distance is gone?

Zahra’s past crosses Fynn’s, as an ancient magic weaves together their future in a bond neither can escape. Will she be strong enough to handle the power the artifact has unleashed, and will she be strong enough to claim Fynn and the destiny she has awakened?

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I’m Dria Andersen. When I’m not working on my photography or spending time with my loving family, I LOVE reading romance novels. This love of reading along with my passion for mythology brought me to the idea of writing a series that includes both of these things. I’ve been working on The Destiny series for a little over five years and released my first novel: A Destiny Revealed in May ’13. I recently released, A Destiny Awakened. A prequal to my first book.
Thank you for your interest in my bio and hopefully my books. I want to thank everyone who left a review on my current book, I’m using all the feedback to better the next book I published and have made some updates to my current book based on some of your feedback. I look forward to the process of completing the series and making a world you’re destined to fall in love with.

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TODAY WAS A DAY FOR FIRSTS, Zahra thought as she waited on her next-door neighbor’s front porch. Accused of theft for the first time, suspended from her job for the first time, and now today for the first time she’d do something outside of her norm.
From this point on, she was starting a new chapter in her life. She’d already cut her hair, she was going to see a psychic tomorrow and now she’d take a bigger step to claim something she wanted. Zahra clutched a bottle of wine to her chest praying she wasn’t making a mistake. She would’ve never had the courage to march over here to his door if she’d not already downed half of the contents of the bottle.
Her father called right after she talked to Monica and lit into her. It was nothing new, but today it was too much. Zahra felt bad about the way she spoke to Monica, she really did.
She wasn’t sure yet.
Zahra reached to the doorbell and rang again, wondering, not for the first time, if she was making a mistake. Her breath hitched when the door opened and her next-door neighbor stood before her.
Power, raw, masculine flowed from him. He towered over Zahra his dark brown skin smooth and stretched taut with muscles that had starred in many of her dreams. Her eyes moved over his chiseled chest, down to his tight stomach following the light trail of hair that disappeared into his low-slung jeans. She could barely handle this man in clothes, and here before her he stood shirtless, sex personified.
“Zahra.” His deep voice moved through her and she shivered. Did she imagine the heat in his eyes?
“Um, Fynn, I came over… I thought…” Zahra lowered her head in embarrassment, all the clever lines blown from her mind at his presence.
“You brought me wine,” Fynn supplied helpfully. His accent was sexy.
She remembered he was from Africa. She lifted her head, a sheepish expression covering her face. “Yeah, I had a bad day and I thought we could share this.” She held up the bottle. Gone was the vixen that had taken over her body and dared her to march the ten feet over to his house and take what she dreamed about.
Fynn grabbed the bottle from her hand. “It seems you have started without me,” he said gravely, surveying the bottle.
Zahra’s face flamed, her hazel eyes met his dark ones and she breathed a sigh of relief.
He was joking.
“Right, well, it’s been a really bad day.” She smiled. Yeah, best not mention that this was bottle two she was on.
Fynn returned her smile his straight white teeth contrasting against his dark skin and her heart stuttered.
“Come in then, let’s see if I can catch up.”