Taming Bad by Scarlet Darkwood

TamingBadebookResizedIs biology a friend or foe? This question plagues Newton Grenfield daily. He believes that a man’s virility is the key to his masculinity, his identity. One man’s abundance is another’s curse. Newton discovers how cursed he really is when his libido refuses to shut down, spurring him on in the continual search for the right woman who will welcome his advances in the bedroom. Overeager attempts at finding love fall flat, earning him not only a cold shoulder from the ladies, but an angry father who decides treatment at The House, the local asylum, will do his son good. There’s one catch to this treatment the father demands of Dr. James, The House physician. He wants Newton’s antics stopped—for good.

The doctor has a radical, fail-proof plan that will cut to the core of his patient’s masculine ideologies in more ways than one. Above all, Newton’s attendant must ensure he’s as much of a man when he leaves The House as when he entered it, by helping him hone his lovemaking skills in order to secure the lady of his dreams. One night, Newton meets a young woman wandering the halls of The House, and his life changes forever. He thinks he’s found the right one for him. When he experiences the ultimate change at the hand of Dr. James, he’s left with answering to a confused lover, and wondering if the treatment made a bad situation worse.

**There are graphic scenes and depictions that may not be suitable for sensitive tastes**

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1477594_343083179167826_406596588_n1Scarlet Darkwood is an author with Booktrope, as well as an indie author publishing other material. For more information about the latest concerning Scarlet and her work, sign up for her newsletter.

Writing in several genres allows her to unleash her imagination in different directions, creating stories for different audiences. Always preferring avant garde themes, her stories will take the reader on an unusual adventure, exploring the darker parts of the human psyche. From a young age, she’s enjoyed writing and keeping diaries, but didn’t start creating novels until 2012. She’s a Southern girl who lives in Tennessee and enjoys the beauty of the mountains. She lives in Nashville with her spouse and two rambunctious kitties.

Authors, crafters, and entrepreneurs have a special place in her heart. She likes to help others in these areas, and appreciates creativity in all its forms. She’s happiest in her shop, where she sells retail, or in front of her computer creating the next entertaining story.

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Daria stood back from the doorway, gazing at the nude man on the bed. One of his hands had been cuffed to the iron headboard. The other remained free. Since he was in a room, staff had wasted no time stripping him of his street clothes, according to House protocol. The cuffed wrist was unusual. Admits and cuffs went hand in hand with attendants deciding when and if to use them. Finding her new charge already tethered held an allure, nonetheless.
His brawny chest displayed strong ripples in the soft bedroom light, and from what she surmised, his face showed extraordinarily good looks—chiseled jaw line, and what looked like a succulent set of lips. Stretched out, he appeared at least six feet in height, with muscular thighs and equally developed arms. No wonder he radiated sex appeal.
Putting the conversation with Dr. James behind her, Daria turned her attention fully on Newton. With eager fascination, she watched as he toyed with his cockhead, fingering the tip. Apparently his trek through the halls had put him in the mood, and he’d wasted no time in imitating many of the inhabitants. He took special delight in stretching out his shaft and releasing, shifting his hips in pleasure when the flesh sprang back into place. Daria licked her lips, her loins heating up. Time to learn more about this bad boy and what made him so bad that his dad wanted him fixed once and for all.
No matter how sensual the interactions between attendant and admit, there remained one rule: no falling in love. Unbridled lust and sex were permitted. Attendants fully treated and cared for their admits, with everything from stern discipline to tender nurturing to basic physical needs, while offering their body for the admit’s learning purposes. Both enjoyed equal satisfaction in the process, engaging in domination and submission roles.
She took a deep breath, strolled into the room, and stood by the bed, gazing down at Newton with lusty eyes. His beauty came through equally well up close. Short cropped sandy hair, taut skin, lips turned into a faint grin. His bright gray eyes held a sullen irreverence, a look that burned through her when he turned his face. A paradox of hot lust mingled with a sting of uneasiness crept slowly through her body.
“Hi, Newton. I’m Daria. I’ll be your attendant during your stay here.”