Soul Bonded

Soul Bonded by Dria Anderson

Soul BondedLove or lust? Brianna can’t remember and Fallon isn’t sure, but fate put them in front of each other with the same goal: finding the Book of Divinity. When Brianna awoke, her body was battered and a year of her life missing. Surrounded by strangers, all claiming her the guardian of a sacred book, she was rightfully skeptical. She’d not escaped one cult to get dragged into another.
The last thing Fallon Tegan wanted was to claim his mate. He’d spent his life mediating his family’s squabbles, and he didn’t want another burden. But to save her life, he bonded them, tied their souls together. Even as he doubted his decision, he couldn’t regret the feel of her in his arms. Time is short, and the stakes high as they work together to help Brianna recover her stolen memories and recover a book that could very well end their world.

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I am a full time photographer, and a mom of two. I’ve been writing my whole life, and after the birth of my first kid, I decided I couldn’t very well bring up a fearless human without first trying the things that scared me. So, I wrote my first book, and then subsequently more.

I try to write stories I love to read:love stories that feature brown girls like me. My stories feature gods and goddesses, and creatures I derived from old, African folk tales remixed and thrust into a modern world.

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Pain was the first thing Brianna Watson noticed, the hot sting of scrapes along her legs and arms. Her ribs ached. Even breathing became a chore as she pushed through the fog of sleep. Brianna opened her eyes and winced as light pierced her pupils. She shut them quickly praying the headache that accompanied the move would disappear. She battled confusion and struggled to lift her body and get her bearings. The pain was excruciating, a whimper escaped.
“Settle, Brianna.” Heat moved through her body as a deep voice murmured to her.
Calloused hands pushed back her thick, curly hair from her forehead, their touch gentle on her face. Her reaction was extreme, as need poured through her body, nearly taking over the pain. Curiosity propelled her lids open and the eyes that met her gaze mesmerized her. Hazel, the color was pale and smooth with a ring of green circling the irises. Exotic, but what entranced her was the concern, and genuine affection she saw in them. It matched the need pulsing through her body. They pulled her in, held her captive. Perhaps she was hallucinating, but she could’ve sworn those eyes glowed.
Cool hands touched her abdomen, the sensation jarring. She tilted her head to look around him, but his large hands held her chin still, forced her eyes back up to meet his. Warmth flooded her insides, floating out towards her feet, taking her pains with it. It did the same with her back, the hands now warm, gently touching her skin. She took a deep, relieved breath.
“Better?” Her stranger asked.
Her stranger? She’d need to examine the possessiveness she felt about a man she’d never met. His voice was deep, the rumble tightening her body with feelings she didn’t understand. She nodded, chin still in his hand. He leaned over and kissed her lips lightly. The air stalled in her lungs at the light contact, heat bloomed in her chest and she wondered if he would see the tell-tale blush on her cheeks. The scent of his cologne wrapped around her, its fragrance making her a little dazed. She leaned closer, chasing the scent.
“Commander,” a woman’s voice called softly.
Jealousy rose, sharp and insistent and Brianna’s hands curled into fists. A snarl escaped before confusion took over. He chuckled softly, amusement for her reaction in the hazel depths of his eyes. He kissed her cheek and rose. Brianna’s eyes widened. He was shirtless, his back carved mahogany. The muscles were defined, and his skin looked smooth and touchable. A pair of jeans hung negligently on his hips, lovingly cupping a butt that made her mouth water.
Her breasts swelled, she dampened at the vee of her legs and her nipples hardened until they poked through the thin tank top she wore. What was it about this man that caused these reactions? She couldn’t remember ever being this turned on by any man, let alone a stranger.